Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Pool Slide

This season's footwear of choice, the Pool Slide has dominated both the high street and the catwalks. I am normally a fan of ridiculous shoes that are hard to walk in, and leave their mark quite literally on my  feet or ankles. Although reticent at first - having donned the sporty soles I feel in love with the comfort they afforded and lack of fastening involved. I am also a big fan of the athletic fashion trend which works well with a Slider. Sports heavy weights like Adidas and Nike  have many years experience and an array of Pool shoes on offer, but if you want something a bit more "fashwan"- Zara have the best selection - also see Topshop, Office and Aldo. Below is my favourite bejewelled pair from Zara.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Grey Marl Tee Shirt

Nothing says "effortless cool" like the grey marl t-shirt. It's neutral tone and relaxed look mean that it is the perfect partnering piece to your favourite black skinny jeans, jewelled skirt or leather shorts. The marl tee is timeless and the majority of high-street retailers carry their own version. I have at least four, in varying shades, and shapes - but the general theme is a round neck and slightly fitted. My favourites are from American Apparel - soft and great quality. 
Depending on how much you have to spend, there are also adequate versions at Topshop, Primark, Whistles, T by Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. A wardrobe staple!!!

The Core Introduction

I have started many a blog over the years, but I have not been able to maintain longevity, as time and other pursuits always get in the way. This is my fourth and final blog, which I have entitled "The Core" - a simple homage to "the best of"fashion.

At the moment I am really focused on basic pieces to add to my wardrobe, to weave in with more showy items - that's my style Trophy Jackets with white t-shirts and jeans or patterned bottoms with a well worn marl t-shirt.

I am influenced by street style, magazines, art, the works - and once I have found something I want I an relentless in my search to find that coveted garment. In this blog, I will show you my take on what is the best. That perfect item that completes an outfit and makes you feel effortless cool.

 Let me know what you think :)